Hemp Plant
Hemp Plant

+PlusCBD by CV Sciences

CV Sciences is a consumer wellness company specializing in nutraceuticals and plant-based nutrition. Our goal is to amplify physical and mental wellbeing with natural wellness products featuring our hemp extracts and other proven, research-supported natural ingredients. Our commitment to the science behind plant-based wellness products has led us to becoming a leader in the natural health products industry. 

Core Values


Lead with Science & Nature

We craft powerful wellness products inspired by nature and refined by science to ensure safety and efficacy for every customer, every day.


Trust & Integrity

We are honest and open in all interactions with our customers, employees, vendors, distributors, competitors, and the community we serve.


Customers First

Our goal is to treat every customer with courtesy and respect.

Our Story

In 2014, we set out to change the way people looked at cannabinoids like CBD. Challenging the status quo, we helped turn a controlled substance into an accessible wellness ingredient, breaking ground for the CBD industry along the way. 10 years later, +PlusCBD continues to be the premier CBD brand in the natural wellness market.  

CBD Originators 

We are driven by a commitment to providing greater health and wellbeing through plant-based nutrition. Our original retail CBD products, including minimally processed pure CBD oils, were introduced to the retail market in 2014. In the following years, we were the first to bring innovative CBD products to market, including softgels and gummies, making it easier for our customers to take advantage of the wellness benefits of CBD.  

Over the last few years, we have further expanded and refined our product lineup to better assist our customers to boost their health. First, we introduced our Wellness Blends line -- doctor-formulated supplements that combine our top-quality CBD with effective active ingredients. This was followed by our Reserve Collection, featuring higher than average THC levels that are perfect for microdosing. Late last year, +PlusCBD parent company CV Sciences added a natural food brand to complement our CBD supplement lines. With this move, we have transformed from solely a CBD brand into a global health and wellness company.  

Hemp Advocacy 

While our competitors were rushing unproven products to market to capitalize on the nascent CBD market, +PlusCBD launched investigative research into the hemp plant, its effects on the human body, and how to capture these effects to boost everyday wellness. We then shared this foundational cannabinoid knowledge with our retailers and customers to help make it easier for people to tap into the health advantages of cannabinoids like CBD. This clinical research also helped us to confidently become the first hemp wellness company to self-affirm GRAS status.  

Hemp advocacy has been a cornerstone of the +PlusCBD culture from the beginning. In 2014, we donated the first hemp seeds to be harvested in the U.S. after nearly a century of prohibition. Just a few years later, we became a founding board member of the U.S. Hemp Roundtable, a hemp advocacy group.  

Transparency also plays a crucial role in our hemp advocacy. We share certificates of analysis through QR codes on all our packaging to help our customers verify quality.  

Industry-Leading CBD 

Our flagship +PlusCBD brand was the first of its kind in the national wellness market, and it continues to set the standard for quality CBD products today. Our dedication to quality and safety in our products didn’t go unnoticed by our loyal customers. In 2018, +PlusCBD was recognized as the #1 selling CBD brand in the natural wellness market. Just a year later, we were awarded the first certification by the U.S. Hemp Authority, further confirming our role as a leading CBD brand. Our dedicated pet line is also recognized, receiving the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) quality seal of approval.  

Our customers have come to depend on quality and consistency, making us their most trusted CBD source. 88% of +PlusCBD customers would buy our products again, and 92% would recommend our products to others.