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Melanie D. 5/22/24

My rescue dog was abused up until 4 months when we got him. We tried lots of things to help him, but by far the best response we have had is from these gummies . He now lets neighbors pet him and he is calm, but not in a drugged up from medicating him. These pet chews have been a real game changer in the quality of his life and ours. Thank you CBD Plus . We are sold!

CBD For Pets FAQs

  • What are +PlusCBD Pet Oils?

    In a world of disrupted schedules, changing environments, and aging bodies, sometimes our four-legged friends struggle. Daily use of +PlusCBD Pet Oils can help address the physical discomfort and emotional distress that prevents your pet from feeling their best. Our easy-to-use pump top makes giving +PlusCBD Pet to your furry family members a breeze.    


    • For cats and dogs  
    • Clean, safe CO2 extracted  
    • No pesticides 
    • Non-GMO 
    • Gluten-Free 
    • Always third-party tested  

    It is suggested that you give PlusCBD Pet liquids to your cat or dog daily for best results. Follow these serving suggestions. 1 fl oz bottle: Give pet 4 pumps per 10 pounds of bodyweight. 1.86 fl oz bottle: Give pet 3 pumps per 10 pounds of bodyweight


    Our CBD oil is commonly given to pets in one of three ways: Dispensed onto a spoon to lick off. Taken at mealtime. Placed on front paw to lick off.


    PlusCBD Pet is held to our strict quality and safety standards. Our hemp extract is created using a non-toxic process and thoroughly tested at third party labs, ensuring the integrity of our products and protecting the health of your pet.

  • What’s in +PlusCBD Pet Oils?

    CV Sciences looks to nature and leans into science to create extraordinary formulas aimed at improving your pet’s quality of life. Our pet products are made with the same trusted CO2 extracted hemp found in our time-tested, consumer favorite +PlusCBD extracts, so you can feel good giving them to your pet each day. 

    We keep our ingredients simple:  

    • CBD-rich hemp extract 
    • Extra virgin olive oil as the carrier  
    • Natural flavoring 

    See product label for complete ingredients. 


    You should use CBD oil for pets because they have an endocannabinoid system like we do, pets like dogs and cats can benefit from CBD in many of the same ways as their owners, including physical and emotional support for a happier, healthier lifestyle.
  • Can CBD help with pet allergies?

    We make no medical claims for these products. While we do know that CBD helps to balance the immune system and interacts with the histamine molecules, we can not recommend CBD for the allergies of your pet.
  • Can CBD oil help asthma in pets?

    We make no medical claims for these products. While we do know that CBD helps to balance the immune system and interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the lungs, we can not recommend CBD for the asthma of your pet.
  • Are cbd products safe for my pet

    o Yes. A recent safety study supports the safety of CBD oil for cats. In this double-blind placebo study (the gold standard of research), at dosages up to 100 milligrams of CBD for an average cat (8 pounds / 3.6 kilos), the researchers found those levels “safely achieved in all subjects”. o Similar research has occurred in dogs, in horses, and in humans. From the large number of safety studies, one of the clearest findings is that CBD is safe and nontoxic. Can cbd used as an appetite stimulant for pets?
  • Can cbd help pets?

    The most important thing that CBD can help your pet with is occasional anxiety. CBD helps to calm the mind. It’s what you hear from humans and it’s what you see from pets. PlusCBD Pet can also be used for its physical benefits. Our soothing hemp extract supports muscle and joint recovery after overuse (and extra long trips to the park) and can help relieve occasional joint stiffness. You can’t turn back time to when they were a baby, but you can give your pet their bounce back with CBD.