Daily Heroes Program FAQ's

  • What are the military eligibility requirements?

    • Active Duty: Currently serving (working full-time in the Armed Forces.
    • Veteran: Previously served in Armed Forces and was discharged under Honorable conditions.
    • Retired, Disabled: Same as Veteran. In some cases these terms are used interchangeably.
    • Dependent: Spouse or children of Active Duty or Veterans.
  • What are the first responder eligibility requirements?

    • Law Enforcement: Includes local Police, Sheriff/Deputies and Federal LE. Current & retired accepted.
    • Firefighter: Includes all sections of local & wilderness response. Current & retired accepted.
    • Emergency Medical Technician/Service: Includes all medical emergency responders and emergency staff with credentials.
    • Nurses: Includes all professional nursing staff with credentials.
    • Public Service: Includes all government/service employees with a valid .gov e-mail address.
  • What are the teacher eligibility requirements?

    • Pre-K: Teaching in a pre-k institution.
    • K-12: Teaching in a formal K-12 institution.
    • University: Teaching in a formal University institution.
  • Can I use my discount on subscription orders?

    You can use your discount on the initial subscription order, but subsequent orders will be 25% off + free shipping.