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What makes our CBD products superior? The ingredients. We start with a full spectrum extract made from true agricultural hemp grown using only soil, water, and sunlight. True hemp extract contains not only the CBD, minor cannabinoids and terpenes that make this plant so beneficial for health, but it’s packed with the fatty acids that our brain and bodies use to produce our own endocannabinoids. Always third party tested. Always superior quality. Come see why we’re America’s favorite hemp CBD company.

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CBD Products

CBD Products by PlusCBD

Humans have been using hemp for their health and nutrition for thousands of years. Always made from true agricultural hemp and not hybridized marijuana, our CBD-rich hemp extracts more closely match our history with hemp. True hemp plants contain more than just CBD, minor cannabinoids, and terpenes. They also contain much more of the plant’s fatty acids, the same building blocks that our brains and bodies use to produce our own endocannabinoids. Taking a CBD oil product such as CBD drops helps to balance your endocannabinoid system and enhance health.

There are a lot of CBD brands on the market claiming to be the best, but they aren’t all the same quality.How do you know you are picking the best CBD? We are the only brand on the market that has done the research and conducted the studies to confidently say that our CBD products are safe and that they work.

The CBD products produced by CV Sciences™ are made from full spectrum hemp extracts. No GMOs. No gluten. Just CO2 extraction to produce the finest full spectrum CBD products on the market.

We produce three distinct formulas of CBD extract for our CBD products:

Raw Formula Extract:
Not everyone knows that the hemp plant itself doesn’t produce CBD. It produces CBD Acid (CBDA), a molecule only slightly different chemically from CBD, but with a whole different array of specific effects. Usually, the CBDA is heated to convert it to CBD - but in our Raw Formula, we combine both the raw hemp extract and the heated hemp extract to produce a full spectrum product that contains both CBD and CBDA. It’s quite special, and we’re proud of it.

Because CBDA has different effects (especially in terms of gut health and homeostasis), some people who don’t respond to regular CBD find that a hemp CBD extract containing CBDA makes all the difference. If you’re looking for one product to get for that relative who will only try CBD-rich hemp extracts once, PlusCBD Raw Formula is the one to get because they contain the widest arrays of molecules to help.

Total Plant Complex Extract:
Preferred by those looking for the full benefits of a complete hemp extract, PlusCBD Total Plant Complex CBD extract contains a nutritious blend of hemp plant compounds to promote an improved quality of life.
Gently heated to convert all the CBDA to CBD, this hemp extract contains a wide selection of cannabinoids, terpenes, and fatty acids that make our full spectrum products so powerful. It’s hemp CBD at its best.

Gold Formula Extract:
Unsurprisingly, our Gold Formula is our most potent hemp extract formula. In fact, our Gold distillation process takes 10 kilograms of our regular strength extract and concentrates it down to 3 kilograms of Gold Formula extract, concentrating hemp’s active ingredients in the process. For those who find that they need higher levels of cannabinoids to reach the health outcomes they’re looking for, our Gold Formula is the most efficient way to administer more CBD.

Our CBD oil formulas are available in an array of products including CBD Oil, Spray, Capsules, Softgels, Gummies, Balms, Lotions, Creams, Skin Serums, and Roll-Ons. Try one today to see why we’re America’s favorite hemp CBD company.

CBD Products FAQ

This is the most common question we get - and probably the most impossible one to answer because everyone’s ideal CBD routine will be different. The problem is that everyone’s body is different. Everyone’s endocannabinoid system is unique. We even possess different variants of our cannabinoid receptors. So there’s no way to know which formula works for you without trying them for yourself.

But we have some handy rules of thumb:

  • If you’re only going to try CBD products once, start with the Raw Formula. Containing both CBD and CBDA, as well as everything else that goes into a full spectrum extract, it has the widest array of ingredients for your health.
  • If you’re looking for the smoothest CBD oil product, our green Total Plant Complex contains just two ingredients besides our full spectrum hemp extract.
  • For those whose experimentation showed that they need higher levels of cannabinoids, our concentrated extra strength Gold Formula is the best choice.

But we’re serious when we say CBD and its effects are different for everyone. For example, from the feedback we’ve gathered, some people find CBD to be the perfect thing for them to take right before bed. Others find it activating, like a cup of tea, and only take it in the morning and mid-day. And some people find any given CBD product has no effect on their sleep and energy levels. There is no way to know which category you might fall into without experimenting for yourself and finding your own CBD sweet spot, with the serving amounts and times of day that work best for you.
Yes. These are the two main ways of taking hemp CBD products. You can use CBD topicals that are applied to the skin or you can orally take a CBD ingestible.

Some people, find the best path to health is taking the CBD hemp extract orally to work from the inside and applying a topical to work from the outside for complete CBD oil benefits.
We often get questions regarding why customers should use CBD and whether it can help with any issues they might be facing. To remain compliant, we make absolutely no medical claims as to the health benefits for CBD-rich hemp extracts. These products are regulated as dietary supplements and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We have found CBD and the other ingredients in a well-made full spectrum hemp extract to be helpful in enhancing health in healthy people and to restore balance and homeostasis to the human system. This dovetails with the long use of hemp in human history for health. While the scientific research that has been done on CBD is immense, more clinical work needs to be done.

We make no medical claims for these products, and you shouldn’t deal with any company that does.
For most people, no. The lack of toxicity from CBD and hemp extracts is remarked on in almost every scientific review you’ll read, most recently in the CBD oil report from the World Health Organization.

That being said, everyone’s system is unique. We always recommend talking to your doctor before starting any new dietary supplement and to discontinue use if you notice any negative effects.

One striking thing for us, as a company who follows FDA regulations and rigorously collects all adverse events reports by our customers, is the low numbers of reports that we get compared to the millions of bottles shipped every year. A forthcoming peer-reviewed report on our adverse events shows that very few adverse events have ever been reported to us and the vast majority relate to small discomforts in the GI tract. As we said, if you notice any reason that CBD hemp oil (or any CBD product) disagrees with you, please stop taking it.

But we’re proud that, with the superior quality of our extracts, our ingredients, and our formulations, the safety of our products is part of what makes us America’s favorite hemp CBD company.
CV Sciences sources our hemp extract and CBD ingredients from trusted sources with a proven record of quality. The hemp in PlusCBD is grown from EU-certified hemp seeds by farmers with a long unbroken history going back centuries of cultivating the highest quality hemp on their fertile soil.

Grown using only water, earth, and sunlight, the plants are cared for by our farmer partners who have been doing this for a long time. Once harvested, the plants undergo extraction by CO2 - a method chosen for its safety, environmental friendliness, and CO2’s ability to pull out the wide array of bioactive molecules available in the hemp plant. We take a lot of pride in the high quality of our CBD-rich full spectrum hemp extracts.
Very little. Because we use true agricultural hemp instead of hybridized marijuana, we are far below the legal limits of THC. You can see the exact testing results for your product on our Certificates of Analysis page.
CBD and the other ingredients in well-made hemp CBD extract seem to enhance homeostasis and health in the body and mind. CBD’s effects work partially via our endocannabinoid system - but scientists have found that CBD interacts with our important neurotransmitters, enzymes, and other biochemical tools. CBD and the other cannabinoids seem to head for the parts of the body and mind where an imbalance is present and restore homeostasis there.

The most important thing we can do for our health is to restore balance - and that seems to be the thing we hear the most about the effects of CBD-rich hemp extracts.