6 Strategies for Managing Stress

Written By: CV Sciences

Apr 9, 2020

6 Strategies for Managing Stress

Join us for a FREE Webinar Q&A with infectious disease specialist, Michael Lewis, MD, MPH, MBA, FACPM, FACN.

During a global pandemic, simple activities such as going to the grocery store become stressful experiences. Shelter-in-place orders are keeping many at home unless completely necessary, upending normal life. What can we do to find some calm in the chaos?

Dr. Michael Lewis, a retired Colonel and former U.S. Military infectious disease specialist, created the United States’ first and largest syndrome-based disease outbreak recognition system – called the Essence Program. In a free webinar, Dr. Lewis will discuss the effects of stress and CBD on immune function and strategies on how to manage stress around infectious disease.

A recording of this webinar is availble for your viewing. If you have any questions, please email education@cvsciences.com