CBD & Soreness: Why and how it works

Written By: CV Sciences

Jan 8, 2020

CBD & Soreness: Why and how it works

Lou Ann Liebermann, an avid golfer in Palm Springs, started her hemp CBD oil journey to take the soreness out of her golf swing. It’s a story we see all the time. Of the many things that CBD oil seems to do in the body, its ability to support a healthy response to occasional discomfort in muscles and joints is one that comes up frequently. Both veteran golfers and young climbers alike are learning more about the benefits of CBD and experiencing relief after their adventures.

How do we make sense of this? Well, there’s a biochemical basis to it all.

Let’s start with the one that surprises everyone: the connection between endocannabinoids and exercise. It turns out that the fabled ‘runner’s high’ that everyone is chasing seems to be underpinned by our endocannabinoid system, at least in mice.

In fact,the ‘second wind’ often associated with prolonged physical activity has other positive outcomes for overall wellness. It heightens moods, it helps with the struggle of exertion, calms the mind, and provides a sense of wellbeing. While these factors are often linked to an endorphin rush, recent research supports a link between the ECS and exercise. For instance, a group of cyclists on a stationary bike for 50 minutes experienced dramatic increases in their blood levels of anandamide (AEA), an endocannabinoid sometimes called the “bliss molecule”. The effects of AEA–or the other endocannabinoids–lines up much more closely to what humans feel than endorphins and opioids.

AEA also opens the blood flow of the body and relaxes the blood vessels in the lungs. This is important because the cannabinoid receptors (CB) are found on the skin, in the muscles, lungs, and heart as well as most of the major organs of the body. CB1 receptors occur very densely in the basal ganglia that controls movement in humans. This makes it easy for endocannabinoids (like AEA) and phytocannabinoids (like CBD) to relieve unusual aches in these areas.

So, there are several reasons why so many athletes and people who exercise are turning to hemp CBD oil. The ECS is an important part of exercise recovery, making CBD a great option to optimize your post-workout routine.

As you can see, Lou Ann, the golfer, starts her day with PlusCBD™ Oil Drops in a smoothie, but everyone is different. Only you know what’s best for your body. Find a healthy balance with hemp CBD that works for your lifestyle and fitness goals.