CBD Gummies vs. Hemp Gummies: Similarities and Differences

Written By: Lex Pelger

Jan 10, 2022

CBD Gummies vs. Hemp Gummies: Similarities and Differences

There’s a simple reason for the confusion around hemp & CBD products: the plant is useful & we use so many parts of it that it’s easy to get the terms mixed up.


Hemp oil comes from cold-pressing hemp seeds, while CBD-extract (aka CBD oil) comes from an extraction of the full-grown hemp plant. The hemp seeds have no cannabinoids – while the full-grown plant does. And while hemp oil is a wonderful oil filled with fatty acids, it does not contain the same CBD that’s getting all the press for its ability to enhance health.


What are CBD gummies?


CBD gummies – or CBD oil gummies - are the most delicious way to ride the hemp revolution. Rich in CBD, and containing all the terpenes, minor cannabinoids, fatty acids, and other components that make up a finely crafted hemp extract, these gummies are a tasty way to find health with hemp.


What’s the Difference Between CBD Gummies & Hemp Gummies?


Although some manufacturers refer to their CBD gummies as hemp gummies, they are wrong.


In the rest of the industry, there are gummies made from cold-pressed hemp seed oil. They’re rich in fatty acids and are a tasty snack.


But if they contain CBD, they are CBD gummies. The hemp extract is the ingredient that goes into the CBD gummies to make them special. For our products, the hemp extract comes from clean and efficient CO2 extraction methods that pull the healthiest components from hemp, including CBD. That hemp extract is then used to formulate our delicious CBD gummies.


What are the major benefits of CBD Gummies?


CBD gummies are an efficient way to ingest CBD because they get into your system quickly. Once inside, CBD helps you in a myriad of ways. By balancing your endocannabinoid system, CBD helps with calm, exercise recovery, occasional inflammation, and a feeling of wellness.

Because you have cannabinoid receptors on every organ and the highest brain areas, CBD goes where your body needs help, and does its work there. The CBD gummies are especially tasty way to get that CBD into you.


How long do CBD gummies stay in your system?


CBD stays in your system for two to five days – though this can depend on how your system processes cannabinoids.


Are CBD Gummies appropriate for seniors?


Does the King wear a Crown? Is the Pope Catholic? Do bears do their business in the woods?


CBD-rich hemp gummies might be the most appropriate for seniors. It might be the very reason that this writer got into the CBD business in the first place. They might be so good for the physiological processes slowed down by aging that it might, in the words of legendary activist Bill Althouse, be crazy to not to consume 50 milligrams of CBD every day after the age of 50.


Can CBD Gummies treat my pain and discomfort?


We make no medical claims for these products for conditions like pain. We can say that our customers tell us how CBD gummies can help with post-exercise recovery and for occasional aches and pains.


What else is in our CBD gummies?


We’re proud of our CBD gummies because they win industry awards. Using organic sweeteners and natural flavors, we formulated them as a simple and delicious carrier for the healthy hemp extracts that they contain.


Is it best to take CBD Gummies on a full or an empty stomach?


Research has found that you can increase absorption of hemp extracts by taking them on a full stomach. But that being said, CBD absorbs into your system well, and you do not need to be strict consuming them on a full or empty stomach.


Where does our hemp extract come from?


Our hemp extract comes from our network of farmers across Europe and the United States, using the finely tuned CO2 extraction methods to get every bit of richness out of the hemp plant. Our commitment to quality makes us one of the leading brands in the industry, since the early days of the CBD revolution.

Plus, every product that goes out our door comes with a certificate of analysis by third-party testing to confirm that it contains the cannabinoids that you want, and none of the stuff that you don’t. It’s another reason we’ve been America’s favorite CBD brand.