CBD Oil – Sticking with your New Year Resolutions one month in

Written By: CV Sciences

Feb 1, 2017

CBD Oil – Sticking with your New Year Resolutions one month in

CBD oil is a great way to help you stick to your New Year’s resolutions. Yes, it’s February, but who doesn’t want to optimize their human potential with daily CBD? The New Year is a natural time to set new intentions and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Making resolutions is a long-standing tradition but often a difficult one to put into practice, let alone sustain over the first month, let alone the year. Enter CBD, a phytocannabinoid that is harvested from naturally grown hemp and synthesized into an oil.

CBD oil is credited with helping the body maintain its natural balance and overall wellness.

CBD oil can play a role in overall health. Coincidentally, many of our New Year’s resolutions revolve around the idea of getting healthier. This is an aim more easily achieved if we establish smaller, more achievable, goals. For instance, if we want to get more sleep, we might set a slightly earlier bedtime, rather than rearrange our entire schedules or totally overhaul our bedtime rituals. Want to exercise more? Set small, workable benchmarks rather than make lofty promises right away to work out seven days a week. Manageable routines are key to sustaining any resolution, regardless of what time of the year you commit to one. This fact makes it easy to stick with CBD oil as part of a healthy routine because it can be taken along with whatever supplements you take in the morning.   

CBD oil can go a long way in supporting the decisions that a goal-setter makes, be it physically, mentally or spiritually. Because it helps regulate all of the physiologic systems within the body, which plays a role in optimal overall health, it then makes sense that CBD oil also helps balance the brain and the nervous system. If we have made the small change of adding CBD oil into our health and wellness programs, we are in turn supporting the systems within our body that give us the clarity and focus to stick with our stated goals and intentions, as well as the strength and stamina to execute them. Making CBD a regular part of our routine has been a small, achievable goal that can, and will, have a major impact on our lives.

There are many ways you can start incorporating CBD into your lifestyle. Check out these videos to learn more about the PlusCBD lifestyle.