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+PlusPoints Loyalty Program FAQ's

  • How do I apply my points? 

    While logged into your Registered account, you can apply points using the points slider on the shopping cart page during checkout.

  • When do I receive my points for an order?

    Points are earned only after your order has shipped.

  • Can I transfer my points to someone else? 

    No, points are non-transferable. 

  • Can I use points to start a Subscription? 

    Yes! You can apply points to your first order when starting a subscription. A credit card is still required for future subscription orders.

  • Can I use points on my next subscription order? 

    Unfortunately, points can not be applied to upcoming subscription orders. They can only be used on non-subscription orders or starting a subscription.

  • Do my points expire? When? 

    Loyalty Points expire after 6 months of no purchases, but this date resets after each purchase.
  • Can I combine them with other coupons? 

    You can, but please note this may affect the discount percentage being offered. Loyalty points are redeemed off the sub-total.
  • How do I know how many points I got for a certain order?

    Go to the Your Account page found under the Account logo on the top right on the site and scroll down to the REWARDS HISTORY button.
  • How does ‘refer a friend’ work? 

    Referring a friend gives them $20 in loyalty points to use, but they must spend $40.00 after any discounts for you to get your $20 in points.
  • Birthday points? When should I expect my points? 

    You will receive a $10 reward for your birthday. Upon entering your birthday, if it is within 30 days, there will be a 30 day delay in receiving your birthday points.

  • Can I redeem my points on a past order and get a refund? 

    No, loyalty points must be redeemed at the time of order and may not be redeemed for a refund.

  • Can I leave as many reviews as I want for points? 

    You can leave up to 5 reviews to earn points, there is a limit of one per day.

  • How do the tiers work?

    Silver - $101-$300 Spent within 12 mo = 1 x points multiplier

    Gold - $301-$1000 Spent within 12 mo = 1.5 x points multiplier

    Platinum - Spend Over $1,001 withing 12 mo = 2 x points multiplier

    Dollar amount spent must be maintained within a 12 month period or the tier can be downgraded.