Yarelix Estrada on Psychedelic Harm Reduction, Racism, & the War on Drugs | The Lex Files | Ep. 13

Written By: Lex Pelger

Aug 30, 2020

Episode Notes:

Yarelix Estrada straddles many drug worlds. With a Masters in Public Health from Johns Hopkins, she works in New York City as a city research scientist studying harm reduction. On the activism side, she founded a chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy. On the nightlife side, she’s volunteered as a lead for DanceSafe in DC. As an organizer, she’s currently the head of the New York City Psychedelic Society as well as an organizer of the first People of Color and Psychedelics conference in Washington D.C. On social justice, she gives lectures about issues like psychedelic intersectionality and treating trauma in underrepresented populations with psychedelics. Today, she discusses working with people in drug crisis, the importance of harm reduction in different fields and how race and income can mark the difference between a psychedelic dream and a paranoid police-state nightmare.

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