Dr. Erik Davis on UFOs as Spiritual Objects | The Lex Files | Ep. 16

Written By: Lex Pelger

Sep 20, 2020

If you don't know anything about UFOs, this is the episode for you. If you know a whole bunch about UFOs, this is definitely the episode for you. And if you're curious how the great Erik Davis can turn the question itself into the Hero's Journey, you should listen now.

With a PhD in religious studies focusing on gnosticism, esotericism and mysticism, Erik Davis, author of the inimitable ‘TechGnosis’, places the current UFO fascination in its broader historical context. These stories have morphed and repeated themselves over the centuries before manifesting in recent decades as alien visitation narratives. Here he explores their meaning and their power. And he offers inspiring advice on how to think amidst a field so thick with obstfucations and misdirections.

He’s also simply one of the best public speakers I’ve met in my life of interviewing people – and here he is as fascinating and engaging as ever. I walked away this interview feeling like a slightly better person for having heard it.

The Burning Shore – Dr. Davis’ online publication:

Connect with Dr. Davis
Website: https://techgnosis.com/
Twitter: @erik_davis

Articles by Dr. Davis:
Alien Views: A profile of Joe Firmage, Silicon Valley UFOnaut’ (2000)