Bonus Double Feature! Cannabis Business & Law with Emily Fata & Alex Buscher | The Lex Files | Ep. 24

Written By: Lex Pelger

Dec 20, 2020

In this bonus double feature, Lex is joined by experts on cannabis business and law. First, Lex talks to cannabis-focused lawyer Alex Buscher about the changing legal and regulatory landscape of cannabis and hemp. Then, Lex is joined by cannabis business consultant Emily Fata to discuss how to thrive in the burgeoning cannabis industry and how the business of cannabis can be harnessed for good.

Alex Buscher, Esq. Founder of Buscher Law, a Colorado-based firm focused on cannabis and hemp, Alex Buscher is a cannabis law expert with a wide array of regulatory, negotiation, and drafting experience.

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Emily Fata Founder of Diagon Ventures and host of Cannabis Science Today podcast, Emily Fata is a consultant who helps cannabis-based entrepreneurs build their business plans and deal with regulations.

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