Psychotic Experiences & Religious Epiphanies with Dr. David Lukoff | The Lex Files | Ep. 32

Written By: Lex Pelger

Feb 21, 2021

Are we too quick to dismiss religious epiphanies as psychotic breaks? Dr. David Lukoff reveals how to respond to psycho-religious problems like shifts in faith, challenges to beliefs, personal loss, and intense spiritual experiences. Co-author of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders sections covering Religious and Spiritual Problems, Dr. Lukoff discusses how to integrate these experiences into our lives without invalidating them and how to share them with friends, family, and therapists. He also opens up about how his own life changing event drew him in to this field of study and the ways he empowers others to understand their experiences.

Dr. Lukoff's Spiritual Competency Academy​

His article ‘Spirituality in the Recovery from Persistent Mental Disorders’:​

An interview about his own emergence experience:


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