CBD Makes New Hope's List of Immune Supporting Supplements | Minute with Miles

Written By: CVSciences

Nov 10, 2019

ICYMI: New Hope Network, the leading voice of the natural products industry, published an article on Mar 18, 2020 titled, "5 supplement ingredients that support the immune system." CV Sciences National Educator Miles Sarill explains why CBD made the list in this special, breaking news edition of Minute with Miles.


Integrity for Consumers

Miles, thanks for being straight and scientific and not hyping CBD. Anti-viral? No. Anti-stress? Yes. Is stress important in immunity? Of course. There is data showing an increase in cancer in the year following the death of a spouse. Cancer is basically a failure of the immune system to defend against abnormal DNA insults and cell growth. CBD may not be anti_viral but CV Acute is. Keep bringing consumers honest scientific information. Dr Steve

Stephen Schmitz . 13 months ago