CV Acute | Dr. Michael Lewis

Written By: PlusCBD Oil

Mar 16, 2021

Video Description

Dr. Michael Lewis introduces CV Acute, a clinically researched immune formula cited by the world health organization for staying healthy. Brought to you by CV Sciences™.

Video Transcription

Hi, I'm Dr. Michael Lewis. I'm an infectious disease hunter who lived in Asia during SARS and Bird flu. I'm a physician and retired Army colonel. I even ran the emergency medical system for the Pentagon Complex when I was on active duty.

We're living in unprecedented times. People are afraid, they're scared. We're facing an invisible enemy. Viruses have been around longer than mankind, they're going to be here long after we're gone.

We need to learn to co-exist. People often ask me, “How can I keep my immune system strong?” That's why we've introduced CV Acute, a clinically supported, herbal immune formula.

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