Profile of a Hemp Farmer: Joseph Kelly

Written By: CVSciences

Jun 26, 2019

How does hemp benefit US farmers?

Hemp is a versatile crop, with over 10,000 documented uses. But how does it help the farmers who grow it? Meet Joseph Kelly: hemp farmer, entrepreneur and the owner of one of the largest hemp farms in the country, and learn how this amazing crop is changing the way he thinks about modern agriculture! Discover how hemp helps farmers, distributors and consumers alike, and how the hemp products, like CBD oil, are positively affecting communities nationwide.

Joseph Kelly is a farmer, entrepreneur, and owner of West Kentucky Hemp in Murray, KY. He has an extensive history of working in the hemp and tobacco industries, and is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve his farming techniques. His research aims to benefit future generations of farmers in Kentucky and beyond by providing the blueprint for sustainable hemp farming practices.