Dr. Duffy MacKay Discusses Dietary Supplements and Hemp-Derived CBD

Written By: PlusCBD

Aug 1, 2021

Dr. Douglas "Duffy" MacKay joins USHempTV co-host, Alyssa Erickson, to discuss the latest on efforts to regulate hemp-derived CBD and other hemp ingredients as dietary supplements and in foods and beverages. In this interview, Dr. MacKay describes how cannabidiol (CBD) compares to other dietary supplements on the market, such as caffeine, and describes why the FDA should be looking to overseeing and holding CBD products accountable to the same standards and frameworks that current food and beverage additives and dietary supplements are being regulated under. The U.S. Hemp Roundtable is currently advocating for a House bill, H.R. 841, and recently introduced Senate bill, S. 1698, that would aim to bring legal and regulatory clarity to CBD products and producers, while ensuring consumer safety through standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).