What Is a CBD Tincture? How to Use CBD Tincture Effectively

Written By: CV Sciences

Aug 8, 2020

What Is a CBD Tincture? How to Use CBD Tincture Effectively

CBD comes in a variety of products that make it easy to incorporate into your lifestyle and schedule. Some of the most popular products are CBD Oil SpraysCBD Drops, and CBD Tincture. Tinctures are liquid supplements that contain a nutritional ingredient for wellness, in this case, cannabidiol (CBD). Flavors can be added such as CBD Oil with Peppermint or Goji Blueberry flavors, or the oil can be left unflavored.

How do I use a CBD Tincture?

Tinctures are formulated with full spectrum CBD extracts that are highly concentrated in CBD. Each tincture will have a different concentration, so it is important to take note of the serving sizes. Our CBD Oil drops are equipped with mL droppers, which allow you to measure the amount you are taking. Many users mix the tincture liquid with a food or beverage, like hot tea or coffee, soup or salad dressing, to make it even more convenient to use. Others place a drop of their tincture under their tongue to allow it to be absorbed by the body most effectively; the membranes under your tongue are thinner and allow for faster absorption by the body, which helps achieve balance in about 15 minutes.

Why use a Tincture?

Tinctures are beneficial and preferred by many CBD users because of their time and cost efficiency. These tinctures are infused with highly concentrated CBD extracts, allowing it to provide the benefits of CBD oil, in an easy-to-use delivery method. Many people prefer CBD Oil Drops or Tincture because of the flavors offered and it can be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream when applied under the tongue. Tinctures are also discreet and can be carried easily in a purse or your pocket in order to use it throughout the day. They also allow consumers to be incredibly precise with how much they are taking, giving you more control over your CBD intake and your health.