What Is Hemp Oil & Where Does It Come From?

Written By: CV Sciences

Jun 8, 2021

What Is Hemp Oil & Where Does It Come From?

Wait, Back Up: What’s Hemp?

Hemp is a variety of the Cannabis plant that is used in a variety of industrial applications. Following the passage of the Agriculture Improvement Act in 2018, the production of industrial hemp became legal in the United States. The hemp plant is useful across a broad range of industries. Hemp fibers can be used to make clothing, paper, rope and plenty more! 

Hemp seed oil is extracted from hemp seeds, whereas CBD oil is made from the flowers, leaves, and stalks of the hemp plant. All in all, hemp is an incredibly versatile plant with a large number of practical uses.

Is Hemp the Same as Marijuana?


The hemp plant is not a significant source of THC, the psychoactive compound found in marijuana. While industrial hemp plants do contain trace amounts of THC, the amount is too small to have any intoxicating effect.

Marijuana plants, on the other hand, contain high levels of THC and are cultivated primarily for that reason.

The United States mandates that all industrial hemp plants must contain less than 0.3% THC.

What is Hemp Oil Used For?

Hemp oil is a versatile product for those interested in natural health and wellness supplements and is available as a tincture, capsule or topical salve. Because of its rich, nutty flavor, many people enjoy using the oil in their cooking, especially as an alternative to olive oil.

Some even consider hemp oil to be a superfood due to its naturally high nutrient content and ideal ratio of essential fatty acids. The oil is prized for its high levels of protein, amino acids, and antioxidants, and the omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids found in hemp oil are classified as polysaturated, meaning they are a healthy dietary fat beneficial for human nutrition.

The oil is also a natural moisturizer and is excellent for hair and skin, so it is regularly added to lotions and soaps as a natural emollient. Hemp oil salves make it particularly convenient to add into a natural beauty routine.

Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil

Hemp oil is oftentimes confused with CBD Oil, such as the ones offered by +PlusCBD Oil. Hemp and CBD oils are made from the same plant, Cannabis Sativa, but contain different properties. CBD Oils contain the cannabinoid CBD, while hemp oil does not. In general, hemp oil is more nutritional in nature, while CBD is used more for the wide spectrum of health and general wellness benefits it offers.

Where Does Hemp Oil Come From?

Hemp oil is produced from the seeds of the hemp plant. Unlike the other parts of the hemp plant, hemp seeds have little to no CBD content. Likewise, hemp seeds contain no THC.

Think of these seeds as pure hemp extracts—you get to enjoy the benefits of hemp without worrying about the levels of THC in the plant.

Where Does CBD Oil Come From?

CBD oil, on the other hand, is processed from the leaves, flowers, and stalks of the hemp plant. As its name might imply, CBD oil is rich in CBD. In fact, a high-quality hemp plant may consist of anywhere from 12 to 18% CBD by volume.

In terms of THC content, an industrial hemp plant must contain less than 0.3% THC to be grown or sold legally in the United States.

Is Hemp Oil Good for the Environment?

The highly sustainable nature of hemp oil products makes it an ethical choice for conscious consumers interested in protecting the environment and living sustainably. The stalks and seeds of the Cannabis Sativa plant are harvested to make everything from clothing to industrial products, and as the entirety of the plant is used to make these products, including hemp oil, consumers can have peace of mind knowing the products they choose have been responsibly harvested and produced.

Versatile, waste-free and THC-free, hemp products are an excellent choice for those looking for a natural, plant-based supplement for their nutritional, beauty and overall wellness needs. Check out our cbd products and see for yourself why we are the #1 hemp based brand in America.