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CV Acute Intensive Immune Support (Non-CBD Formula)

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CV Defense Daily Immune Support (Non-CBD Formula)

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The bundle to protect yourself and to bolster your immune system, these two immunity combine the best of the Old World with the best of the New World. CV Defense is an everyday dietary supplement with an ideal mix of vitamins, reishi mushrooms, and that ever so hot new endocannabinoid-like ingredient and hero of the immune system: PEA (palmitoylethanolamide). See the ‘Minute with Miles’ video below to learn more about PEA. 

And then there’s CV Acute – a special product that’s designed to be taken as soon as you feel like your immune system is under attack. You take the whole bottle over the course of three days to provide an intense super-boost to your immune system. It’s based on an ancient formula from Traditional Chinese Medicine that combines three powerhouse plants - the fruit of the forsythia, the flower of the honeysuckle, and the root of the Baikal skullcap. See the product page to learn more about why that’s such a tried and true method for boosting your immune system when you need it. 

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