Should You Buy CBD Oil on Amazon?

Written By: CV Sciences

Apr 22, 2020

Should You Buy CBD Oil on Amazon?

With so many products available in the CBD industry, it can be hard to find the right product for you. It can be particularly difficult to discern the difference between real CBD oil and so-called “hemp oil” being hawked on popular marketplaces. There’s a reason why you can’t find the best CBD oil products on Amazon: because real CBD oil and CBD products are banned from being sold on Amazon. Learn how to find the best CBD oil —not Amazon’s faux versions—with our complete guide on high-quality CBD and where to purchase it online.

The Difference Between Quality CBD Oil and Knock-offs

Early scientific research studies have shown evidence that CBD may be helpful to balance inflammation and support the body holistically, it also has been known to relieve everyday stress, making CBD products a popular respite for anyone who could use a break, anywhere in the world. That’s because CBD oil, which comes from the sativa hemp plant, contains an extract rich in cannabinoids, a promising group of compounds found in the cannabis hemp plant.

That compound group can include THC, and CBD oil products can legally contain up to .03 percent of THC. Reputable, legitimate CBD brands like PlusCBD have these levels tested in labs to ensure authenticity, that the CBD-rich hemp products you’re purchasing has all of the healing effects a high-quality CBD oil enthusiast wants. Hemp oil on its own, however, cannot produce such benefits since it is entirely free of cannabinoids therefore void of what is called the entourage effect. The entourage effect happens when these nutrient-rich cannabinoid compounds found in CBD oil work together for maximum health benefits.

Unfortunately, it’s common to find bad actors selling CBD oil on Amazon, or what they claim is real CBD oil. This is impossible since Amazon has a ban on products containing cannabinoids. What you will find is simply hemp oil, with no cannabinoids, so these don’t produce the benefits that have made CBD oil products so popular.

3 Ways to Reap the Benefits of Quality CBD Oil

So how can you maximize your own health benefits via CBD oil? Try these high quality, non-GMO CBD oil products that have been well researched and developed by PlusCBD. They’re full-spectrum hemp extracts, meaning that they contain all the cannabinoids found naturally in the cannabis plant. At full spectrum, it’s not only the cannabidiol (CBD) that is working for you. There are fatty acids, other cannabinoids, plant sterols, and other beneficial compounds that agricultural hemp has to offer. In other words, these products are certifiably good for you, targeting different needs within your body! PlusCBD Oil offers three different product lines—Raw, Total Plant Complex, and Extra Strength formulas—each of which is represented below.

#1 CBD Oil Gel Capsules: Raw

Made using PlusCBD raw formula hemp extract, the total plant C02 extraction from agricultural hemp. These Raw hemp extract gel capsules contain nutrients like the naturally occurring CBDA, which is produced in the hemp plant. Also available in oil drops, the Raw Formula is 10% phytocannabinoids and 90% plant material and promotes gut health and a healthy inflammatory response.

#2 CBD Oil Drops: Total Plant Complex

PlusCBD Oil unsweetened drops feature the Total Plant Complex formula, which is created when the Raw oil goes through a gentle heating process called decarboxylation, which converts the CBDA to activated CBD. Also available in CBD oil sprays, capsules, and softgels, these oil drops are 15% phytocannabinoids and 85% plant material.

#3 CBD Oil Balm: Hemp Stick Gold Formula

A popular product, PlusCBD Oil Balm Hemp Stick Extra Strength Formula is a topical solution to your skin and is infused with concentrated CBD extract from eco-friendly agricultural hemp as well as calendula plant and shea butter, which hydrates. The Gold Formula ensures the highest possible concentration of CBD content in the oil, specially distilled via our Total Plant Complex process. What remains is 25% phytocannabinoids and 75% plant material.

So the next time a friend asks if you should buy CBD on Amazon or CBD online, you’ll know exactly how to answer that!

What form of CBD oil is your go-to?