What is CBD Balm and other Skincare products Used For?

Written By: Lex Pelger

Aug 26, 2020

What is CBD Balm and other Skincare products Used For?

The Skin, the Endocannabinoid System, and You

Our poor skin. Our poor neglected skin. Always under-studied scientifically - and until this century, no one even considered the skin an organ.
But the skin is the biggest organ you’ve got. And it’s amazing.
It’s tough, flexible, beautiful, and the ultimate barrier between you and the outside world.

Finally, finally, the skin is starting to have its day. The skincare industry is now worth $130 million and the phrase “How do I get Kylie Jenner’s skin?” is at the top of the Google Trends.

One of the big revolutions that came out of the explosion of CBD-rich hemp extracts these last years is their topical use on the skin. But truly, it’s not a revolution at all. Using hemp on the skin goes all the way back to the beginning of recorded medical history.

Around 2700 BCE, Emperor Shen-Nung, the legendary leader known as the Father of Chinese Medicine, wrote the first edition of his ‘Pen Ts’ao Ching’. The first surviving medical textbook from Chinese history, here Shen-Nung laid out the benefits of topical hemp for the millennia of doctors who followed him. In the Berlin Papyrus written 3300 years ago, the Egyptians (often known as the botanists of the ancient world) detailed a prescription of hemp soaked in oil for topical use. These recommendations continued through the doctors of the great empires and through the Middles Ages of European history as the writers of pharmacopeias expanded on the topical use of hemp. It’s only in the last century of Cannabis Prohibition that our long history with hemp faltered. Now, as we turn to embrace this old plant again, the use of hemp extracts rich in CBD on the skin is finally coming back to its rightful home.

And the science?
Oh, the science of the skin is fascinating.

The Science Behind Your Skin

Everywhere these days you hear about stem cells. Just to give some background, the stem cells of the skin are called keratinocytes. Of all the different types of stem cells in the body, the keratinocytes have probably been studied the most.

As you can see in this diagram below, over the course of a month, a stem cell differentiates itself into a new type of cell . This new cell then keeps transforming through a guided process that ends with the fresh skin cells migrating to the outside layer, losing their nucleus and eventually allowing themselves to die in a tight armadillo pattern that makes the outside of our skin so impermeable to insults yet soft. It’s a vital process of skin homeostasis.

We also know that the process of this stem cell differentiation is partially regulated by anandamide, the first cannabinoid neurotransmitter we have ever found within our own bodies.

The endocannabinoid system is heavily involved in many areas of the skin. We have endocannabinoid receptors in different cell types including:

The endocannabinoid system is heavily involved in many areas of the skin. We have endocannabinoid receptors in different cell types including:

  • The fibroblasts of the immune system
  • The mast cells that contain the histamine of allergic reactions
  • The melanocytes that produce melanin
  • And the sebocytes that produce the rich oily sebum that keeps our skin moist and protected


Through decades of research, we know that the endocannabinoid system helps regenerate the barriers in our skin, regulates the stem cells, and is deeply involved in homeostasis.

We can’t say how CBD might interact with this process because the research still needs to be done – but we do believe that enhancing your skin with CBD-rich hemp extract helps balance and beautify your largest organ.

CBD In Skincare

While there are thousands of different skincare products available, there is one type that has been taking the industry by storm. Companies today have begun incorporating topical CBD oil with a number of healthy skincare ingredients to create a new type of product that is both safe and effective. Topical CBD helps to nourish the skin from the inside out and is an excellent ingredient for the whole body. Whether you’re looking for a CBD balm, cream, lotion, or roll-on, our professionals at PlusCBD Oil have developed a variety of CBD topical products for you to enjoy.

What Are the Different Topical CBD Products Available?

The best-selling topical is our CBD balms. So, what is CBD balm used for? In the cosmetic category, Balms as a form factor generally have a thicker consistency because they’re often used on sore muscles. However, CBD balm uses also include hydrating the skin. Like most balms, they’re free from water content and while they’re not intended for use on the face, they’re helpful for more dry areas like the hands, the joints, and the heels. We also hear of many people ending their workouts by massaging in a hefty amount of CBD-rich balm.

For a smoother, lighter consistency, the CBD lotions and creams have a high water base and a low oil content that can easily be blending into the skin. CBD lotion provides a more delicate touch that nourishes the skin for a subtle and soft feel. Fortified with natural ingredients like hydrating marula oil and nourishing argan oil, our CBD lotion is gentle enough for the skin of a baby and strong enough to help with your rough hands.

Our CBD Roll-on absorbs quickly & helps to promote healthy skin. With CBD-rich full spectrum extract, warming camphor, cooling menthol, and a wonderful array of beneficial plant extracts, it’s easy to see why this CBD product is a fan favorite. Plus, it’s quick to absorb, easy to apply, and great for your skin.

Our most recent addition is perhaps our most exciting. Our scientists crafted a silky CBD Skin Serum with a rich satisfying consistency. In addition to the CBD-rich hemp extract that all of our topical products contain, the Skin Serum also includes a botanical blend of extracts such as jojoba, avocado, coconut oil, as well as hyaluronic acid – the clear, gooey substance already produced in large amounts by your skin and connective tissues. The Skin Serum combines the best of hemp extract with a number of natural ingredients to produce an invigorating tonic for your skin.

Ready to revamp your skincare routine? Try one of these CBD topical products above to rejuvenate your skin from the inside out.